Ukrainian NPP PLEX

In cooperation with CEE Bankwatch association, EMLA is working in a project related to the lifetime extension of Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants. Bankwatch initiated a case at the Court of Justice of the EU for access to information, consulted with the Espoo Convention Secretariat and have sent advocacy letters to neighbouring governments in order to convince Ukraine to implement the Espoo Convention for the permitting of NPP PLEX.





Slovakian highway developments

Upon the request of our Slovakian colleagues, we prepared a short legal study on how the environmental impact assessment obligation is regulated in Hungary in relation to highway constructions and upgrading of existing highways.





Aarhus Convention Indicator

Under the auspices of The Access Initiative, the questionnaire researching the legislative and practical implementation of the Aarhus Convention has been designed. The research was conducted in 5 pilot countries (Armenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, UK, Ukraine) under the coordination of EMLA. The outcomes of the research will soon be available on TAI's website.





Use of Lead in Paint

Upon the commission by the World Resources Institute, EMLA coordinated and partly undertook a research covering 31 countries. The analysis tried to uncover national regulatory frameworks concerning the prohibition of use of lead in paints and varnishes.