State subsidies int he energy sector in 2014-2020 – national aspects

In April 2014 an EU Commission White Paper has been issued about the state subsidies for the energy and related environmental projects to be channeled in 2014-2020.  An important point to consider by the subjects of this White Paper  is to be decided after that is accepted: the White Paper will be a basis for decisions on EU competition law examinations, i. e. in which cases would the EU  start a case in order to annul an unlawful measure done by a Member State.  The EMLA analysis of the White Paper points out the most important features and deadlines the national legislators shall take into consideration when they establish or further develop their respective environmental and energetics support systems.


Hungarian energy strategy and plans

With the support of and cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation EMLA Association has finalized a pilot project about the environmental and sustainable development content of the Hungarian energy plans and their coherence with the rest of environmental and energy law of the country. We have prepared an English language study that was discussed by a professional circle in writing and in person at a workshop.


Environmental Democracy Index

World Resources Institute (WRI) and partners in the Access Initiative launched the Environmental Democracy Index (EDI), the first publicly available, online platform to track countries’ progress in enacting national laws to promote transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement in environmental decision making. The index evaluates environmental democracy in 70 countries, including 75 legal and 24 practice indicators, based on recognized international standards.

Top ten countries are: Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, United States, South Africa, United Kingdom, Hungary, Bulgaria, Panama and Colombia.

The Environmental Democracy Index is available at:


Awareness of the Aarhus Convention


Justice and Environment (J&E) network has conducted in 2013 a public survey on the awareness of the Aarhus Convention and EU environmental law. Findings of the survey can be read in the following study
Multi-lingual summaries of the findings in 8 languages are available here
A news article can be found here on the survey and its findings 
EMLA Association as a member of J&E welcomes any questions or comments regarding the above at the email address.
The survey was made possible by a grant from Central European Initiative.


Legal Seminar and Strategy Meeting of J&E upcoming

J&E will meet in Opatija (Croatia) for a 5-day AGM during which a legal seminar and a strategy meeting will also take place.
As always, J&E will retreat for a week and have an AGM in one of the countries covered by its membership. This time it is the newly acceded EU MS Croatia, and we will have a meeting in Opatija in order to discuss the status of access rights in light of the upcoming Access to Justice Directive, the future of PCIs within the EU energy infrastructure regulation, the outcomes of a survey on public awareness of the Aarhus Convention and EU law and to prepare strategies, communications plans, fundraising proposals for the future and to decide administrative matters. The meeting is financed be the Central European Initiative.


Aarhus and EU Law?


What are they?
We would like to know what an NGO thinks about the Aarhus Convention and the Environmental Law of the EU. For this we have prepared 2 surveys available here:
AarhusEU Law
We would kindly like to ask every NGO willing to contribute with 2 x 5 minutes to this survey, and knows basic English, to answer the questions, indeed anonimously.
The survey is part of a project promoting the public awareness of the Aarhus Convention and EU Law in Central and Eastern Europe, supported by the Central European Initiative (
We thank you for your contribution!