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Hungarian Energy Strategies and Plans

2018. May. 15.
15th May 2018

With the support of and cooperation with the Heinrich Böll Foundation EMLA Association has finalized a pilot project about the environmental and sustainable development content of the Hungarian energy plans and their coherence with the rest of environmental and energy law of the country. We have prepared an English language study that was discussed by a professional circle in writing and in person at a workshop. According to the major statements of the study there is little coherence between the relevant environmental and energy plans, programs and strategies in Hungary, furthermore we could not find any of them that could be unambiguously positively estimated alongside of an environmental and SD line of requirements. Only few plans contain the majority of the elements of all the environmental, social and economic requirements of sustainable development. While the majority of the examined plans had undergone a certain level of social discussion, it is important to know that in the overwhelming majority of the cases this discussion took place only amongst professional circles, mostly amongst specialized professional interest groups both in the initial planning and drafting phases.